YLEM Exhibits for 2006

ISEA results are in!

YLEM had one of their proposals accepted for the ISEA (Inter-Society for Electronic Arts) Zero One festival in San Jose this summer! This proposal, "Hitchhikers in the Valley of Heart's Delight" was put together by Julie Newdoll, Jim Pallas and Michael Mosher. See


In addition to our participation in the conference, we will have an installation in the ISEA ZeroOne block party on August 12. Details to come on this event. If you are interesed in being involved in the ISEA show in areas such as:

Publicity (although ZeroOne has their own publicity as well), and fundraising, or the installation at the block party, let Julie know:

exhibits (at) YLEM.org


WORKS proposal turns into a show at The Tech in San Jose!!

YLEM founder Trudy Myrrh and member Gurpran Rau were selected out of the artists that were collected for the Works proposal for a show in July and August. Show dates, June 27 - August 28.
Reception June 15 from 2:30 - 4:30 at The Tech in San Jose.


I would like to thank all YLEM artists for submitting their work for the Works proposal. I am still trying to locate a venue for a larger number of artists, perhaps at Works with a reworked proposal. After getting comments from Works, I reorganized the material and submitted all the artists to The Tech. From this group of artists, Trudy and Gurpran were selected for a show. Congratulations Trudy and Gurpran!

Acrylic on Plexiglas
47” X 48”

Blueprint I
Digital / Encaustic / Pigment
12” x 12”



The YLEM call for entries for the Stanford show is now closed. We will be letting you know what the curator has to say about our entries as soon as we have been informed.

If you are interested in showing with YLEM, please write to Julie Newdoll, Director of Exhibits and Vice President of YLEM:

exhibits (at) YLEM.org



YLEM announces plans for
"Life Illuminated;
From Atoms to Organisms"
bio-art show

An exhibit which features the artwork and perspectives of both artists and scientists, imagining what we cannot see and exploring what we can about our biological world. We are not taking new entries at this time, as we are currently seeking a Museum Partner to make this project move forward. However, please feel free to contact Julie Newdoll with questions, or if you are interested in being our Museum Partner or sponsor for this show.

exhibits (at) YLEM.org

Click here for details.


Akio Hizume and Max Mathews 2006